Qbox: Shared Users


Qbox Account Owners and Team Member Admins can invite Shared Users to share their Sync or Attach folders and the files contained within. Shared Users can be invited to a folder with any email address.

Shared Users can be assigned one of three roles, and the Account Owner can change these at any time. The permissions for each role are as follows:

R/O (Read-Only): Check the R/O box if you want the user to only view the shared files and not make any changes. Any changes they make to the shared files will not be synced.  They will not be prompted to lock a file and it will not sync.

Regular R/W (Read/Write): The user will be invited to simply view and make changes to the shared files by default. The changes they make to the shared files can be synced. They will receive a prompt to lock the file after opening it, and their changes will sync automatically or manually after closing the file.

Admin: Admin permission for a Shared User allows them to make changes to the shared files, as well as:

How to Invite Shared Users:

  1. Log into your account at the Qbox website (www.coraltreetech.com/qbox) as the Account Owner of the folder or as a Team Member with Admin rights.
  2. Select the Root folder (the topmost folder) on the left.
  3. Locate the Sync folder you would like to share on the right-hand side and click the green button under the ‘Share’ column.
  4. Enter the email address of the user(s) to be invited in the text box(es) provided on the bottom half of the pop-up screen. Please note that a shared user invitation can be sent to any email domain.
  5. Select a sharing permission for the Shared User.
  6. Click ‘Send Invitation’.

If the invited Shared User has already created an account and installed Qbox, the folder will immediately be created in their Qbox Client/Explorer.

New users will receive an email invitation that will include a link to sign up for a Qbox account. The new user can click the link and follow the steps to set up their account. Alternatively, the new user can sign up for an account at the Qbox website (www.coraltreetech.com/qbox) without waiting for the email invitation. After signing up and setting up their Qbox account on the website, new users should install the Qbox Client/Explorer on their computer and sign in to it to access the folder that was shared with them. We recommend sending the new user our 'Shared User Setup' document for detailed instructions to help them get started on Qbox.