Qbox: Roll Back Files to a Previously Synced Version


Qbox maintains the last 20 versions of each synced file in the cloud and you can get any version by ‘rolling back’ the file. A new version is created every time the file is locked and synced by a user. A rollback can be performed by the Account Owner, Team Admin, or a Shared User with Admin permission.

How to Roll Back a File

  1. Log into your account at the Qbox website (www.coraltreetech.com/qbox).
  2. Open the folder, locate the file, and click on the blue ‘History’ Icon.
  3. Select a version from the list and click ‘Roll Back’.
  4. After you confirm the rollback by typing ‘YES’, the selected rollback version of the file will be synced to all shared users’ computers.

Please note that when you roll back to a previous version, this will be treated as a new version, and thus will count toward the rolling limit of 20 previously synced versions to be accessed. If you already have 20 previously synced versions of a file and select one from which to roll back, your oldest synced version will be removed to make room for the recently rolled-back version.