Qbox: Types of Users


Qbox utilizes several types of users, and these are defined primarily by their intended use scenario and permissions. A single Qbox account can be a different type of user for different Sync folders, based on who owns the folder (for example, a Team Owner can also be a Shared User when invited as such to a folder they do not own). Below is a brief summary of each type of user Qbox employs.

Account Owner

Account Owners, also known as Folder Owners, are users who have created one or more Sync folders to share with other users. Each Sync folder has a specific ‘owner’ who is financially responsible and yields the highest level of administrative permissions for that folder and its contents.

Shared User

Shared Users are users who were invited to access a specific Sync folder; they did not create this folder, nor do they own it. Their accounts can be registered using any unique email address. They can be invited to multiple folders, either by the same Account Owner or by different Account Owners. Their permissions are assigned by the Folder Owner for each specific Sync Folder. Learn more about Shared User permissions by viewing our ‘Shared User and Team Member Permissions’ help guide. Shared Users have the ability to create their own folders as well, for which they would be financially responsible, and become Account Owners of those folders. This would not affect the ownership of folders previously shared with them.

Team Owner

Team Owners are Account Owners who also manage a Team and Team Members. Team Owners send the Team Member invites.

Team Member

Team Members are users who share the same email domain as a Team Owner, and were invited to join their Team. Team Members have automatic access to all of the Sync folders created by the Team Owner. Their permissions are assigned by the Team Owner or a Team Admin (see below). Learn more about Team Member permissions by viewing our ‘Shared User and Team Member Permissions’ help guide.

Team Member Admin/Team Admin

Team Member Admins are Team Members who have been granted Admin permission, either by the Team Owner or by another Team Member Admin. Team Member Admins yield the second-highest set of permissions after Account/Team Owners and can perform almost any necessary administrative task. They are referred to frequently in Qbox Support documentation, and by the Qbox Support Staff, when high-level permission is required for a certain task (such as restoring deleted folders or files, creating Sync folders, etc.). Learn more about Team Member Admin permissions by viewing our ‘Shared User and Team Member Permissions’ help guide.

How to Determine User Type and Permission by Folder

User types and permissions are shown on the ‘Share’ screen for each folder. To view the sharing screen, log into the Qbox website (www.coraltreetech.com/qbox), locate the Sync folder, and select the green ‘Share’ button.