Transfer Ownership of a Qbox Sync Folder


If you are the Account Owner and need to change your email because it has changed, you no longer have access to the email, or you wish to transfer account ownership to someone who has not yet set up a Qbox account, please follow the instructions to change your email found here: How do I change the email address used for my Qbox account?

If you are not the current Account/Folder Owner (you are a Shared User) but need to have the folder in your name going forward, you will want to recreate the folder(s) in your own account, and then copy the existing file(s) into your new folder(s). Please note: you will be financially responsible for the Sync folders you create and share. View our help guides for more information on how to pay for Qbox and billing details. To recreate the folder(s) in your own account, please complete the following:

  1. Log in to the Qbox Plus Web Dashboard ( and create your own Sync folder(s). Read more about this process here.
  2. You can now copy and paste the files from the previous folder to the folder you created. This can be done in the Qbox Explorer: select/highlight the file(s) you want to copy, then right-click and select ‘Copy’. Next, select the new folder you created on the left navigation pane, move your mouse to the right (in the empty whitespace), then right-click and select ‘Paste’ to put the file(s) in the new folder.
  3. If you are copying QuickBooks company files, please copy and paste both the main QBW file and the accompanying TLG file together. The accompanying TLG files can be made visible by unchecking the ‘Hide items not shared’ box under the ‘Explorer’ option when you select the ‘Settings’ button at the top right of the Qbox Explorer.
  4. Once the files are copied, you can remove yourself from accessing the original folder by going back into your Web Dashboard ( and selecting the ‘Share’ icon to the right of the Sync folder you no longer want to access. From that share window, you can select the red ‘X’ icon to the right of your name and email address to remove yourself from that folder.
  5. As the new folder owner, you will now be paying the monthly or yearly cost for the folder you created. You do not need to pay anything at the time you create the folder. Qbox will send you a billing notification when the payment is due. 

Please be sure to communicate that you have successfully created your own folder and added the files to it with the original (previous) Account/Folder owner. They will need to remove all Shared Users from the original folder or delete the folder to remove it from their bill. Please see the “How to Remove a Sync Folder from Billing” and “How to Delete a Billable Sync Folder (remove from billing)” sections in the Paying for Qbox help guide for more information.