Qbox: Create Folders as a Shared User


Even as a Shared User, you already have your own Qbox account. If you would like to create your own Sync folder(s), so you are the owner and billable party, please first login to your Web Dashboard (www.coraltreetech.com/qbox).

Once signed in, select ‘Admin’ near the top right of the page and then select ‘Create My Folders’ in the left-hand margin.

Next, enter the name for your Root folder(s). Then, enter the name for your Sync folder(s) and invite any users you would like to have access using the ‘Email Id’ boxes. If you need to invite more users, you can do so later by clicking the green ‘Share’ button on the ‘Folders and Files’ page. The names of the Sync folder(s) you create here can be the same or different from the previous ones you had access to, although those you are creating will be owned by you.

If you do not see ‘Create My Folders’, you will want to select ‘Folders and Files’ at the top-left of the screen, under where it says “Qbox Plus Web Dashboard”, then select the ‘New Folder’ button on the right side of the page. For full instructions, please see the 'Creating a Qbox Sync Folder' help guide.

To learn about adding files to your new Sync folder(s), please click view our 'Copy QuickBooks Files into Qbox' help guide.