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Qbox Billing Details


Qbox Account Owners are billed based on the total number of billable folders and any additional storage that was purchased for those folders. Each Sync or Attach folder can be shared with an unlimited number of users, and each has an initial maximum storage size of 10GB for all shared files within that specific folder. An additional 10GB may be purchased for each Sync or Attach folder, bringing the total storage capacity for each folder, for which the additional storage was purchased, up to 20GB. For information on how to pay for Qbox, please click here

Qbox currently bills the following Folders and Additional Storage options as follows.


Please note: Subfolders (excluding enabled Attach folders), by default, are not charged. However, when additional users are invited to share them (that are not invited to share their parent Sync Folder), they are treated as unique Sync folders and billed as such. To keep the subfolder unbillable/free, the users invited must remain the same as the users invited to the parent Sync folder.

Please note: Attach folders are billed upon enabling attachments

Extra Storage:

  • Sync Folder - an extra 10GB
      • $5 per month, or $50 per year (per folder)
  • Attach Folder - an extra 10GB
      • $5 per month, or $50 per year (per folder)

Who Will Be Billed?

Please note that only Account Owners will be billed for the folders they create and extra storage they purchase. Shared Users and Team Members who are simply accessing the folder(s), will not be financially responsible for folders or extra storage they did not create or purchase themselves.

Bill For Support:

Qbox Support may be required to bill you for their time if any support outside the scope of what we provide for Qbox is needed. For example, if you require assistance with correcting a Network issue or PC issue that isn’t caused by Qbox, you may be billed for our time and assistance. The requirement of this billable support, and its cost, will be made clear by the support agent before the support is provided.

*Services, features, and their rates are subject to change. Please check our Pricing Page for the most up-to-date pricing information.