How do I access Qbox files on multiple computers?

To set up a user for frequent use of Qbox on multiple computers (rather than setting up a new PC and disconnecting the old PC), the user will need to set up a separate Qbox account with a unique email address on each computer used. This additional email will need to be invited to the folder as a separate user by the folder owner.
While logged into the Qbox website (, invite your additional email address to a Sync folder as a shared user by clicking the green share button to the right of the folder name. You may also invite yourself as a team member if you are going to use an additional email with the same private domain. To add team members, select the 'Admin' while logged into the Qbox website and click 'Manage Team Members'. Use the pop-up window to send an invite to your additional email. 
An email will be sent to the additional email address with a link to sign up for Qbox. Follow the instructions to sign up for a Qbox account with the additional email and install the Qbox Client/Explorer on the additional computer. Sign in to the Qbox Client/Explorer using the new account email and password. You will then be prompted to select a location for creating your Qbox folder. Continue and Qbox will begin to sync your folders and files.