How are QuickBooks company files shared using Qbox?


Qbox syncs the QuickBooks company files stored in the Sync folders to the users sharing the folders. Users can work on the file in the Sync folder after acquiring the file lock. When they are done and close the company file, Qbox syncs the changes they made to the other users and releases the lock. This is how Qbox ensures that every user has the same version of the company file in the Sync folders on their local Windows storage. Qbox syncs both the QBW and TLG files in lock-step, so any one of the shared users can create backups in QuickBooks.

Users in one office using QuickBooks in MU (multi-user) mode can set up Qbox MU in their office, and share the files with users who are at remote locations. QuickBooks attachments can be shared so everyone can see the documents attached to QuickBooks transactions. Logos and tax forms can be shared along with the company files.