What is Qbox MU (Multi-User)?


Multiple users in an office (same office location) can set up Qbox MU to create common Sync folders on a local network server or a mapped network drive hosted on a peer computer. Qbox MU can be set up for the following reasons:

  1. Team members or shared users on an office network can set up Qbox MU to avoid creating private copies of Qbox folders and files. In the Qbox MU configuration, users will be accessing common folders and files which saves disk space and Internet bandwidth used to sync files.
  2. Qbox MU provides multi-user access for applications like QuickBooks and MS Access. When a file is locked by a user, other users in the same office can work on the file in multi-user mode. When the last user in the office closes the file, Qbox will sync the changes to the server. Other users can then acquire the file lock to work on the file. When the last Qbox MU user in the office exits the QuickBooks file, the lock is released, and the new version will sync up to the Qbox cloud and other remote users can resume working in multi-user mode.

Please note that users must be on the same private email domain before setting up Qbox MU.

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For full instructions on how to set up Qbox MU, view our 'Qbox MU for Multi-User QuickBooks' help guide.