Qbox FAQs: Multi-User (MU)


How is Qbox MU set up?

Team members or shared users on a private email domain invited to the same folders can set up Qbox MU. Please refer to the following instructions: Qbox MU Setup.

What are the requirements for setting up Qbox MU?

Qbox MU can be set up for users on the same office network, who are invited as team members or shared users by an account owner. For security reasons, users setting up Qbox MU must be on the same private email domain. The Qbox MU folder can be set up on a network server, network drive, or mapped drive on a peer computer hosting the files. Qbox MU users can work on a file simultaneously in a multi-user configuration. Remote users, with whom the folder and files are shared, can work on the file when all the Qbox MU users have logged off, and the file has synced to the remote user.

How do I switch to Qbox SU (Single-User)?

If you are on Qbox MU (Multi-User), you can switch to Qbox SU to create Qbox folders and files that can be accessed only by you.

  1. First, make sure that any files locked by you are closed and synced to Qbox.
  2. On the Qbox Explorer, select ‘Preferences’ and select ‘Switch to Qbox SU’. This link will be disabled if you have any files locked or if files are in the process of syncing.
  3. Qbox will restart and prompt you to select a location. Browse and select a location, click ‘Continue’.
  4. Qbox will then sync all the folders and files to the new location.