Changing the Email Address Used for Your Qbox Account


If your email address has changed or you want to transfer your Qbox account to another user, please follow the instructions below. If your email domain has changed and you have team members or a Qbox MU group, please also change the email address of each member so they have the same domain. For security reasons, the Qbox support team will verify your identity before the email is changed. In some situations, they may call you for verification. 

  1. Send an email to
    1. Provide your current email address and the new email address to be used.
    2. Provide the name of one folder and one file in your account, so support can verify your identity, and change the email. 
      • Folder name: found on the left-hand side menu of both the Qbox Plus Web Dashboard and the Qbox Client/Explorer. The topmost folder is the Root folder. The folders underneath the Root folder are called Sync folders
      • File name: when you select a Sync folder on the left, you will see the files stored inside the Sync folder to the right (middle of the window).
  2. Qbox support will verify your identity and ask you to confirm that the affected accounts do not have any files locked (this only affects the email address(es) involved in the change, not any other shared users of the folders and files). Close any files that may be locked to let them sync and release the lock. We will make the email change when we receive confirmation. Please stay out of any files in your Qbox folders until the following steps are completed.
  3. You will get an email with a 'Set Password' link sent to your new email address when the change has been made by Qbox Support. Click the link and set your password.
  4. The Qbox Client/Explorer running on your desktop should restart and ask you to log in. Click ‘Change Qbox account’. Log in with your new email address and the password you just created.
  5. Select a location for creating the Qbox folder, review and finish the setup, then Qbox will sync down your folders and files from the new account.

The change is complete when all files are finished syncing down.