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CoraCloud: Viewing and Filtering Tasks


Viewing Tasks

To view your tasks in CoraCloud, go to the ‘Tasks’ tab. If you do not currently have any tasks in CoraCloud to view, please see our ‘Creating and Assigning Tasks’ article. The default view is the ‘Placard’ view. In addition to the Placard view, there are the ‘List’ and ‘Table’ views. If you prefer, you can switch the view of your tasks. You can do so by clicking on the different view options at the top right under the '+ Tasks' button.

    1. Placard View
    2. List View
    3. Table View

Placard View

When you click on the 'Tasks' tab in CoraCloud, you will be brought to the Placard view of all of your tasks. Here you will see them in a category view from left to right on your screen. Each column will show you all the tasks currently assigned to you and their status. 

If you'd like to see the tasks assigned to Team Members, Clients, or Client Users while in this view, you can click the dropdown menu under “Task View” that currently says “My Tasks” at the top-left in the screenshot above.

List View

This view organizes your tasks into horizontal expandible rows so you can see all of your tasks one status at a time.

Similar to the previous view, you can select the 'Team Tasks' or 'Client Tasks' from the Task View dropdown to see tasks assigned to your Team Members or Clients.

You can click on a status, such as 'In Progress' to expand the category you are currently viewing to only see tasks that are currently 'In Progress'. You can do the same to each of the other statuses. If you want to hide the tasks in a certain status, you may click the expanded category to collapse it.

Table View

This view is designed to be like working in a spreadsheet. Here you can see a full list of all your 'Not Started' and 'In Progress' tasks from top to bottom in the order created. This view also provides additional details of each task in the columns along the top that are not present in the other two views.

Seeing tasks assigned to Team Members or Clients works differently on this screen. If you would like to use this view to see the tasks assigned to Team Members, Primary Users, or Client Users, you'll need to click on the 'Filter Views' dropdown menu and choose 'All Tasks'.  

This will show you the tasks of all users (including yourself) as well as all 'Completed' tasks in the system.

Filtering Tasks

In all three views discussed above, you have the option to filter the tasks displayed on the screen so you can narrow your focus on what you want to see.

In each view, you have three built-in filtering options: 'Filter by Client', 'Filter by Entity' (once a client has been selected), and/or 'Select a Date Range'.

Selecting one or more of these options will allow you to only see tasks on the screen that correspond to the filters you have selected.

As stated before, these three filters are available in all three Task views. If you would like to filter your tasks even more narrowly than this, you'll need to use the Table View. In the Table View, you can filter your tasks by any of the columns marked as filterable and you can even save these filters as custom 'Filter Views'. More details about how to filter the Table View and set up your own custom filter views can be found here: Creating Custom Filter Views