CoraCloud: View Tasks as PDF


The Table View in the 'Tasks' tab of CoraCloud allows you to filter tasks and view them in a PDF format so you can print the list or save it as a PDF file to be shared.

To do this you'll want to start at the 'Tasks' tab of CoraCloud and switch to the 'Table View' by clicking the third view icon towards the top right (shown in red circle below).

Once you are on the Table View, you'll want to decide what information you would like to view in PDF form by filtering your tasks. You can utilize the 3 default filters at the top-left if you'd like to filter by Client, Entity, and/or specific Date Range.

While using this particular view you can narrow down your filtered tasks even more by filtering by the Assigned User, Status, or Task name. For detailed instructions on how to filter this way and create your own custom filters, please see our ‘Creating Custom Filter Views’ article.

Now that we have decided how we want to filter our tasks (in this scenario we're filtering by our client, Edgar Poe) we can go to the 'Actions' menu at the top right corner and choose 'View as PDF'.

We can make this a PDF right away, however, the PDF will include all of the columns in the Table View and won't be appealing to the eye or fit on the page very well (as shown below).

Before we can send this for others to view, we need to make it easier to read by hiding unnecessary columns.

To do this we can close this tab, and come back to our Table View. Then, click on the 'Show/Hide' three-dot menu at the top-right of the table itself and under the three different view icons.

Here we can uncheck any columns we don't need to see on the PDF such as 'Assigned Date', 'Due Date', 'Organizer Name', etc.

Doing this will hide the columns from your Table View and also your PDF View.

Now we can go to 'View as PDF' once again and see a much more legible view that we can print or download. You can print the PDF or download it using your web browser's commands.

You can also use the ‘View as PDF’ feature to create your own PDF invoices for billable tasks.

By selecting the built-in “Billing View” from the “Filter Views” dropdown menu, you can easily sort your data by billable tasks that will show you a summary of your budgeted hours, billable hours, and billable amounts.

You can then use the “View as PDF” option to view this information in PDF form.