CoraCloud: Notifications


All users can receive notifications whenever certain events take place in CoraCloud. These include the following:

  • Invited Team Member Joins CoraCloud
  • Invited Client Owner Joins CoraCloud
  • Invited Client User Joins CoraCloud
  • Document Uploaded
  • Document Downloaded
  • Document Deleted
  • Folder Deleted
  • Esignature
  • Organizer Assigned
  • Organizer Completed

You can choose to be notified two ways: email and/or in-app notifications while using CoraCloud.

Email Notifications

Email notifications are enabled by default when signing up for CoraCloud and you will be notified when any of the events listed above occur. The email will include what action was taken, who did it, and also where the action occurred (if it pertains to a folder or file).

In-app Notifications

In-app notifications are similar to what you see every day with your cellphone or social media notifications. Near your username at the top right of CoraCloud, you will see the notification bell icon. A red dot with the number of notifications you have will appear on top of the bell each time you have a new notification. In-app notifications are disabled by default and must be enabled manually.

You may also view in-app notifications in a full screen and filter them by clicking ‘See more options >’. This notification screen allows you to filter notifications by the following categories:

  •  All
  • User Activity
  • Document Activity
  • eSignature
  • Billing

Managing Notification Settings

You can change your preferences as to how you wish to be notified for each of the notifiable actions in CoraCloud. Choose to be notified via email, in-app notifications, or not at all.

You can manage these settings by logging into CoraCloud ( and clicking on the notification bell icon to the left of your name/profile icon (top right of CoraCloud). Then click the gear icon.

Alternatively, you can click the notification bell icon, then ‘See more options >’ to go the the full notification screen. From here you can click the ‘Preference’ button towards the top right.

This will open the notification settings window where you can adjust your notification settings as you desire.

Managing Client Notification Settings

As an Account Owner, CoraCloud also gives you the ability to manage your Client’s notification settings. This is beneficial if you have a client who is unsure of how to manage their notifications or if you have a client who turned off all notifications and you need to make sure they are being notified about certain events.  

To manage your Client’s notification settings, click the ‘Files’ tab in CoraCloud, then select the ‘My Clients’ subtab, and locate the Client for whom you wish to change the settings. Click on the three-dot (actions) menu of their icon/name and choose ‘Notification Preference’.

A 'Manage Notifications' pop-up screen will be displayed and you can change their preferences.

Please note: you will only be able to change the preferences for Clients that have joined CoraCloud. Any users that are still marked as “Invited” have not registered for their CoraCloud account and you will not be able to manage their notification preferences until they do so.