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'My Firm' Entity Setup


Account Owners can use CoraCloud to set up their own working spaces, separate from Client working spaces. These working spaces are called ‘Entities’ in CoraCloud.


Creating an Entity

  1. Click the ‘Files’ tab, then the ‘My Firm’ subtab. Next, click the '+ Add' button. Enter the name of the Entity, and click 'Add'.

  2. You will now see the Entity listed on the ‘My Firm’ screen. Clicking on the Entity's icon will take you to the first tier of folders. 
  3. Now create at least one folder to upload files to. Clicking the ‘+ Add’ button will allow you to create a folder.
  4. Enter the folder name and click ‘Add’.
  5. The new folder will show and be clickable from the ‘Entity’ screen. Click the folder icon to get inside the folder. 
  6. When inside a folder, clicking the ‘Actions’ button will allow you to upload folders and files, create new folders and files, or show and restore any items that have been deleted from the folder in the last 30 days.