CoraCloud: Inviting Client Users


Client Users can be added by the Account Owner, Admin Team Member, or Primary User. Client Users are any users that may work for/with or consult your Client's Primary User. They can be given access to one or more Entities (Projects, Businesses, or Subsidiaries). Client Users will only have access to the contents of the 'External' folder for the Entity they're invited to. Primary Users have automatic access to all the Entities of the Client. If you need to invite a Primary User to the Client please follow the 'To invite a Primary User' instructions.

To Invite a Client User:

  1. Click the ‘Files’ tab at the top of CoraCloud, then select the ‘My Clients’ subtab.
  2. Find the Client that has the Project, Business, or Subsidiary you wish to invite Client Users to and click their icon/name.
    1. Note: You may view the following instructions if you need to create a Client and its Projects, Businesses, or Subsidiaries: Add Clients.
  3. You should now see the Client’s Projects, Businesses, or Subsidiaries. Find the Project, Business, or Subsidiary you wish to invite users to and click the three-dot menu on its icon/name. Select the ‘Share’ option.
  4. On this page, you will be able to see all of the people who currently have access to this Project, Business, or Subsidiary.
  5. Click on the ‘Client Users’ tab to see the invited and joined Client Users.
  6. You can invite Client Users by clicking the ‘+ Add’ button at the top right.
  7. Use the ‘Invite New Client User’ tab to invite a brand new user. Enter their email address and select their role (click here to view user permissions by role).
    1. Tip: You can invite multiple new Client Users at once by clicking on the ‘+ Add more’ button.
  8. Click ‘Send Invite’ to send an email inviting the users to CoraCloud and to the project, business, or subsidiary.

Tip: If the Client User you wish to invite to the selected Project, Business, or Subsidiary has already been invited to a separate Project, Business, or Subsidiary for the same Client in CoraCloud, you may use the ‘Add Existing Client User’ tab. The user(s) will be listed. Check the box to the left of the user(s) you wish to add to this Project, Business, or Subsidiary and click ‘Add’. 

New Client Users will receive an email invitation that will include a link to sign up for a CoraCloud account through the CoraCloud website. Alternatively, the new user can sign up for an account at the CoraCloud website ( without waiting for the email invitation. We recommend sending the new user our Client User Setup document for detailed instructions to help them get started on CoraCloud.

Client User Role Permissions

Admin Client Users

Client Users with Admin permission can have access to the contents of the External Folder of the Project, Business, or Subsidiary assigned to them. They have permission to invite additional Client Users to the Project, Business, or Subsidiary and to delete any file. Usually, these are client company employees who are given permission to manage the account by the Client Owner.

Regular Client Users

Client Users marked Regular can have access to the contents of the External Folder of the Project, Business, or Subsidiary assigned to them, but do not have permission to add additional Client Users or delete files uploaded by other users. They have permission to delete only the files uploaded by themselves.

Consultant Client Users

Client users marked Consultant can only upload documents or view documents specifically shared with them. Documents need to be in the Consultant Files folder. Consultant Client Users are usually Client company employees and third-party consultants who are only required to submit documents or view documents.