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CoraCloud Billing Details


CoraCloud Account Owners are billed based on the total number of billable users and any additional storage that’s been purchased. Account Owners can add an unlimited number of Entities for Clients or their own firm. Each Account Owner has an initial maximum storage size of 10GB for all shared documents within their account. Additional storage can be purchased in 10GB increments. For information on CoraCloud payments, please view our Paying for CoraCloud help guide.

CoraCloud currently bills the following Users and Additional Storage options as follows.


  • Team Members
      • Each member is $20 per month or $200 per year

Please note: Only the Account Owner is billed for CoraCloud. Team Members, Client Owners, and Client Users are not billed.

Extra Storage:
  • 10GB
      • $10 per month

KBA for eSignatures:

Who Will be Billed?

Please note that only Account Owners will be billed for themselves, plus the Team Members they invite, KBA-enabled eSignatures, and any extra storage they purchase. Client Users and Team Members who are simply accessing the businesses/subsidiaries/entities they were invited to will not be financially responsible.

Services, features, and their rates are subject to change. Please check our Pricing Page for the most up-to-date pricing information.