Close Qbox Account


Before closing your Qbox account, please ensure all shared users have the latest backup or copy of the file. Once the account is closed, the contents of the folder will be deleted on all shared user computers. These may include files in the Qbox folder that have not yet synced and remain on the local disk.

To make a copy of your folder or files, open your Qbox Explorer. You will see your file directory at the top of your Qbox Explorer. Follow this path in the File Explorer.


You can then copy your folders and files. For each QuickBooks file, we recommend you copy your company file and TLG. In addition, you’ll also want to copy any important subfolders such as your Attach, Images, and Tax Statement folders.


You can then create a new folder in your Documents, Desktop, or on your Local PC and paste your files into the new folder. This will be the new location of your files and you should access them from this location going forward.


Once you have copies of your files, sign in to your account at the Qbox website, go to the ‘Admin’ page, select ‘Close Account’ and follow the instructions. The Qbox support team will receive your instructions and will close the account within 48 hours after receiving your request.


You can also send an email to requesting that your account be closed.  This needs to be sent from your email account associated with Qbox or provide the email address registered to the account in the body of your email.