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Add Clients in CoraCloud


Account Owners and Admin Team Members can use CoraCloud to set up working spaces to collaborate with their Clients. These working spaces are called ‘Clients’ in CoraCloud. A Client can be created as an Individual, Business Owner, or Corporation. Any type of Client can have any type of Entity created for it. Entities include Projects (such as Taxes or Trust Funds), Businesses, or Subsidiaries of a Corporation.

To add a Client:

  1. Click the 'Files' tab at the top, then the ‘My Clients’ tab, and click the ‘+ Add’ button. CoraCloud-AddClients-MyClients
  2. You’ll be presented with the Add New Client window. Here you can type the Client name and select the type of Client you wish to create from the dropdown menu.
    1. Individual - used for a single person or head of a household whose bookkeeping or financial documents you work on. Individuals usually have Projects which can be called anything that represents the work you are doing for them. Some examples include "Personal Taxes", "Private Trust", or "College Fund".
    2. Business Owner - used for a single person who owns one or more Businesses.
    3. Corporation - used for multiple people who oversee one or more Subsidiaries. You may invite a primary user to all Subsidiaries that are created in the corporation and/or add Client Users to individual subsidiaries.

Next, you’ll want to create Entities (Projects, Businesses, or Subsidiaries) for the Individual, Business Owner, or Corporation you just created.

To create a Project, Business, or Subsidiary:

  1. Click on the icon/name of your newly created Client and you’ll be taken to the page that shows their Entities (Projects, Businesses, or Subsidiaries).
  2. Add a Project, Business, or Subsidiary by clicking on the ‘+ Add’ button at the top right.
  3. Enter the name of the Entity that you wish to add, then select the Entity Type from the dropdown list, and click ‘Add’. The new Project, Business, or Subsidiary will be displayed.

Congratulations! You have successfully added a Client to your CoraCloud account.

Finally, you’ll want to create the Primary User for this Client and invite the client to the CoraCloud Platform.

To invite a Primary User:

  1. Find the Client you wish to invite in the ‘My Clients’ section of the ‘Files’ tab.
  2. Click on the three-dot menu of the client’s icon/name and select ‘Primary User’.
  3. This will take you to the Primary User screen where any existing Primary User will be displayed. If the Client was just created, no user will be listed and you will want to add the Primary User by clicking on the ‘+ Add’ button at the top right.
  4. Enter the Client’s first name, last name, and email address. Then click on ‘Send Invite’ and this will send your client an invitation to join CoraCloud.

Please note that the email address you use to invite the Client needs to be the same email address they use when registering for CoraCloud or they will not be added as one of your Clients in your Account. 

Client Folders

Clicking on the icon/name of your newly created Project/Business/Subsidiary will take you to the page where you will find two folders that were automatically created for you to use marked ‘Internal’ and ‘External’.


The Internal Folder can only be accessed by the Account Owner and their Team Members. It is used for storing working documents that pertain to that particular Client. The contents of the Internal Folder can not be seen by any Client Users.

The External Folder can be accessed by the Account Owner and Client Owner/Primary User, as well as any Team Members and Client Users that were invited. It is used for exchanging documents with Clients. Account owners may share documents like Agreements, Tax Returns, Check Lists, etc. with Clients. Clients can share documents required for tax preparation like W2s, 1099s, P&L statements, Income and Expense statements, plus much more with the Account Owner and Team Members.

You can add documents and folders to both the Internal and External folders by clicking on their icon/name. You can view the following help guide for instructions on how to upload folders and files to CoraCloud: Create and Upload Folders and Files in CoraCloud.

Inviting Users to a Client

You can add Client Users to a Project, Business, or Subsidiary by following the instructions in our ‘Inviting Client Users’ help guide.

Add your Team Members to a Client by following the instructions in our ‘Inviting Team Members to a Client or Firm Entity’ help guide. Please note: Team Members must first be added to your CoraCloud account before you may invite them to a Client’s Project, Business, or Subsidiary. You may view our ‘Add Team Members’ help guide for instructions.